Trading Report: Today: Weekly Analysts’ Ratings Updates for Becton Dickinson and (BDX)

Today: Weekly Analysts’ Ratings Updates for Becton Dickinson and (BDX)

A number of research firms have changed their ratings and price targets for Becton Dickinson and (NYSE: BDX):

Shares of Becton Dickinson and Co. (NYSE:BDX) traded up 0.01% during mid-day trading on Monday, reaching $170.71. 148,526 shares of the company’s stock traded hands. The firm’s 50-day moving average is $171.60 and its 200 day moving average is $172.35. The firm has a market cap of $36.35 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of 38.02 and a beta of 1.04. Becton Dickinson and Co. has a one year low of $129.50 and a one year high of $181.76.

Becton Dickinson and (NYSE:BDX) last released its earnings results on Thursday, November 3rd. The company reported $2.12 earnings per share for the quarter, topping the Zacks’ consensus estimate of $2.09 by $0.03. Becton Dickinson and had a net margin of 7.82% and a return on equity of 24.45%. The firm had revenue of $3.23 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $3.22 billion. During the same period in the prior year, the firm earned $1.94 earnings per share. The business’s quarterly revenue was up 5.6% compared to the same quarter last year. Analysts predict that Becton Dickinson and Co. will post $9.52 earnings per share for the current year.

The company also recently announced a quarterly dividend, which will be paid on Friday, December 30th. Investors of record on Friday, December 9th will be paid a dividend of $0.73 per share. This represents a $2.92 dividend on an annualized basis and a dividend yield of 1.71%. This is a positive change from Becton Dickinson and’s previous quarterly dividend of $0.66. The ex-dividend date of this dividend is Wednesday, December 7th. Becton Dickinson and’s dividend payout ratio is presently 58.54%.

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