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How I made Money Using KDP Select and a few Pros & Cons

Posted by Sue Welch on

If you’re an author thinking of self publishing your next work, there are more platforms out there to do it than ever before – and if you’ve already started doing some of your research on which platform to choose, KDP Select is one of the first platforms you’ll read about. 

KDP Select is one of the most powerful self publishing platforms there are. Run and managed by Amazon, it can get self published writers instant access to a marketplace for their work – and it’s easier, faster and more profitable than the months-long process of approaching a traditional publishing house. 

Considering KDP Select? Here are some of the pros and cons of using the KDP Select platform that can help you to decide if it’s the right platform to show your work.

Pro: More benefits than just regular KDP.

KDP and KDP Select aren’t exactly the same thing, and there are plenty of benefits to choosing the Select option above regular Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). One of the benefits of Select is access to a larger readership and far more of the overall Amazon-related benefits for writers. 

Pro: An easy publishing process and platform.

The KDP Select uploading platform is easy to use, even if you’re new to the world of self publishing and have never uploaded or formatted a manuscript for publication before this. If you have any issues, they offer tech support on the side available for any questions or help.

Pro: Access to the Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon marketplace is one of the largest book and e-book retailers in the world – and with it comes buying power and exposure for your work. Instant access to the Amazon marketplace is something that a lot of self publishing outlets don’t have to offer – and if you sign up to KDP Select, you already have an advantage above any self published writer who doesn’t have their work on Amazon yet. 

Pro: Rights granted to Amazon only applies to e-book rights. 

When you sign up to the KDP Select platform, it asks you for exclusive rights for the period your work is listed here – and while holding the rights to your work can be one of the most powerful things for a self published writer, you still do. See, Amazon KDP Select only asks for rights to the current e-book version of the text – if you want to publish it in print or move it to another platform in a few months or years. 

Pro: The Kindle Lending Program is available too.

The Kindle Lending Program allows writers to have a lot more people see their work – and you still get paid a percentage of the distribution fees. This is a great way to get your work through to readers who don’t know your writing yet – and it’s exclusive to those who sign up to the KDP Select platform. 

Con: Rights are granted to Amazon.

For writers who want to completely retain all of the rights to their work, KDP Select asks for rights to the e-book version while your book is listed on the Amazon platform – and for some, this is too much to ask. It can be greatly beneficial for writers to say yes to this deal, but if you don’t want to opt-in for this, choose another platform. 

Con: It can take time to get to know the platform. 

For people who have never self published anything before, the process of doing it at all (not just through KDP Select) can feel intimidating. Get to know the platform first before you jump straight in and you can save yourself a lot of headaches later – but if you want an easier process, try several platforms and choose the one that works the easiest for you.